Crossroads Kids

At Crossroads Church, we spread the Love of God to all children while teaching them the Word of God in a way that is FUN and interesting to them. Through these methods of teaching, kids will know that Jesus cares for them. They will trust Jesus, listen to and obey His Word and understand the need to follow His directions. It’s all about Reaching them, Connecting them and building them up!

Sunday Mornings

MDWK with CRKids


CRKids has two great services for your kids during our time on Sunday Mornings. In both services we offer nursery(0-2), minis(2-3), Kids JR(4-5), and CRKids(6-12). During the services they not only engage in worship and the word but have fun in every moment!

Cafe 5:30PM-6:10PM
Boys and Girls Clubs 6:30PM-7:30PM

Girls and Boys clubs on Wednesday nights are geared to give your children a place to not only learn more of the word of God but we also try to apply daily practices such as: outings, community service, camping, sports, crafts, and many more!

MDWK with CRKids

Connect Groups

Here at Crossroads we believe that commitment is easier in community and the best way to do that is through Connect Groups! We offer groups for ages 6-12 on every 3rd Sunday of the month. To get more information or sign your child up email Pastor Kayla below!

Get to know us.

Kayla and Matt  have been at Crossroads since September of 2019. They were born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and have one son named Micah.

 They have served together in children’s ministry for 5 years now. Kayla has been involved in children’s ministry through volunteer service, leadership and staff for 17 years. Her unique vision for ministry involves hands on activities and illustrated object lessons that help children of all ages understand the content and meaning of God's word. Their heart is to see children form a lasting and strong relationship with God and train them to use their talents to minister to those around them. 

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