Build This house

Build This House

The Lord has called us to create a hub for our community to gather and grow. In HIS name, our church family must consider a higher level of commitment to carry out God's will. Blessed with this new community center, we'll live out our faith in new ways, and inspire future generations to do the same!

Psalm 127:1
"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."

Phase 1

Recreation Center
Start Date: January 2020
Estimated Cost: $750,000-$1M
  • 12,200 SQ FT: Two -level Life Center, 6 Classrooms, Kitchen, Basketball Court, and Student Room.
  • Activity Field: Open field that can be utilized for various sports.
  • Splash Pad: Water activity area for the children on the community.
  • Playground: Play area with tables for the families in the community, perfect for gatherings.
  • Gazebo: Open air covered area with tables, perfect for family gatherings.
  • Covered Walkway: A safe covered bridge with handrails that is accessible from current building.
  • Parking Lot: Asphalt parking lot with 50+ parking spaces.

Phase 2

Start Date: January 2025

Estimated Cost: $2,500,000
  • 15,000 SQ FT: Simple modern design with a outside common area.
  • 500 Seat Auditorium: Fan shaped chair set up with large stage and portable baptismal pool.
  • Children's Church and Nursery: Secured dedicated areas that are designed especially for each age group.
  • Large Foyer:  Large open concept foyer with a cafe and welcome center.
  • 6 Classrooms: Sunday school and connect group areas.

Our Plan

To build this house, we must prayerfully consider giving beyond our current tithes and offerings. Together, let's consider what the Lord has done for us, and take steps to give joyfully with a grateful heart. When we commit to obedience to Christ, He will bless our community in unforeseen ways.

Planned Ways To Help Raise Money:
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Live Auction/Yard Sale
  • Car Show/Drive In Movie
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Fry
  • Boston Butt Sale
  • Dinner Date Nights

Please take a look at the chart and prayerfully consider joining our plan!

My Giving Potential

My Pledge

Please fill out the pledge card below. Let's Build This House!