Day 7


As I sit here and think on our current fast and our current series Pastor Richie is currently speaking on,  Pastor Richie mentioned one quote that really spoke to me today:

 "Church should be a group of people who walk through life prepared to freely give what they have be entrusted."-Pastor Richie

This quote speaks volumes, but when I really sit down and think about this quote I can't help but ask: Are we doing everything we can to give?

The best thing we can give each and every day is our time and in doing that we serve.  Jesus served, and through His serving was an example set for each and every Christian. For us to never to get to a place where we can't serve or we are to "busy".

We are all called to serve in some way or capacity so through this fast I've encouraged our teens but we all can  pray and seek God and ask for Him to reveal ways for each one of us to serve! Remember our goal as the church is to "Bring Many To Christ" and we can't do that without SERVING!

Today we have asked Jimmy and Stephanie Satterfield to say a prayer for Day 7 of our fast! Enjoy!

God Bless
-Pastor Corey