This is My Song

This is My Song

One of my favorite songs is Blessed Assurance. Particularly the lyrics, “This is my story, this is my song.” Another one of my favorite songs is Place of Freedom with the lyrics “I’m gonna sing my song, like I am unashamed.” This week I have been thinking on the power of these lyrics, of the importance of singing “my song.”

Psalm 96:1 says “Sing a new song to the Lord. Let the whole Earth sing to the Lord.” I am no theologian but I am a worship leader and as a worship leader I find great joy in the opportunity to sing to the Lord!  In thinking of the lyrics to the songs I listed above, they both refer to “my” song. But neither one of those songs are technically “mine.” I enjoy singing the songs, but I did not write them, so I do not inherently feel like they are mine.

To me, these songs and this verse are encouraging me to share MY song or my testimony. To not just sing the songs as written by someone else, but to sing in the goodness of who the Lord is to me!

I encourage you to sing of God’s faithfulness today. Maybe your song is “He provided me a job” or “He healed my body,” or maybe “He restored my marriage.” Truly the greatest testimony is, “He saved my soul!” It is hard to feel discouraged when we are singing of the past faithfulness of our God! In fact, it becomes quite easy to have faith, when we remind ourselves of how great God has been to us in our past! This is the sign of a true worshipper! One who can sing a song to God that testifies His greatness in their own life!

This week I encourage you to write your own testimony song and sing it in worship to God, thanking Him for all He has done and trusting Him for what He will do in your life personally! Then Share Your Shout on any social media and tag Crossroads Church! We want to know what God is doing in your life!

So, what is YOUR story, what is YOUR song? What has God done for YOU. It’s time to shout it out!

Have a Great Week!

Jessie and Katie Pate

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