As a Student Pastor we strive to always push our students in their gifting’s and their talents. We have one student who has been writing a blog geared towards teenage girls but as she began to write it and send it to Tara I finally found it on her twitter one night. When I began to read the blog I quickly learned that her blog would speak to everyone! So I asked her if she would write today’s Motivational Moment. So enjoy “Talents” by Jade Johnson.


Growing up I always struggled with finding that one thing I was great at and that I loved. I’ve done dance, gymnastics, swim, softball, track, acting and lots of music related activities. I wished as a little girl I would’ve done one activity, and I would’ve gotten really good at it. In my last years of elementary school, my spare time was mostly reading and playing video games on my computer.

In my head I always thought: “Man, I wish someone would write a book about (blank).” One day I was sitting in class and thinking about anything besides what the teacher was saying. I got this really cool action/adventure book idea. I was praying please let someone make this a book. Then it dawned on me that why didn’t I just write the book.

After school I went inside and told mom I wanted to write a chapter book. So, she opened Microsoft office on her computer and I went to town. I’ve actually gone back on some of my flash drives from sixth grade and read my old books. Lets’ say my grammar has improved dramatically. I never thought about writing as a career or anything else besides a hobby up until recently.

On the days that I feel down or ask what the point is, I can look at all the things I love to do and feel encouraged and motivated. God has so much in store for us, and he gives us gifts for a reason. I believe we should use those gifts to show the light and help lead people to the kingdom of God. When I post a blog I always think If this helps just one person get through their day I’ll be happy.

“God has shown you his grace in many different ways. So be good servants and use whatever gift he has given you in a way that will best serve each other.” 1 Peter 4:10

To me this scripture means to use my writing to please God and to help others. What gift has God given you? How can you use it to help people around you? Keep these questions in mind as you go through your week. Be thankful of what God has given you.

Jade is 14 years and we believe she definitely has a calling and a gift for writing! If you want to read more about her or her blogs check out her blog here! http://www.jadealexandrajohnson.com/blog

We hope and pray you use your talents today to reach someone for the benefit of the Kingdom!

We love you! Have a blessed day!

PC and Tara!

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