Remember When…

Remember When…

Remember When...

Richie Nobles

Last night during our small group meeting, we asked everyone to write down their first memories of their spouse. Oh my goodness, some of the answers were hilarious and some were down right sweet. That game has taken me down memory lane. I have been thinking a lot about the first time I remember acknowledging God reaching out to me. You’re probably thinking, “I thought Pastor was going to tell us about him and Cindy meeting.” You have most likely heard most of them but there might be some new stories coming out during our “LOVE” series this month at church – so keep your ears open. Back to memory lane. I was a little boy that loved sports. I secretly loved basketball. It was a challenge for me because I was shorter than everyone else, but I never backed down from a challenge. My dad loved basketball too when he was a kid so he installed a goal for me at the house. I practiced everyday. Then I remember one of the neighborhood friends asked me to come to church with him on a Wednesday night. He got me when he said, “we have full-court basketball.” So I asked my mom if I could go and she said yes. That night, 35 years ago, I don’t remember playing basketball at all. But what I do remember is the teacher of our class. She stopped me when class was over and asked if she could talk to me one-on-one. It must have taken a lot of faith for her to reach out to me. She took the time to witness to me and asked me directly if I wanted to receive what God did for me through Jesus. Long story short, I did. I remember that faith based feeling of excitement, awe, freedom and clarity. It seemed as though even the birds sounded different. I knew then that God had a call on my life, yes, even at 8 years of age. See, everyone is called of God. When we answer that call, His plan for us begins to manifest. Today I am thankful for that teacher.


God is calling some of you reading this right now to become involved in teaching and leading our children. ANSWER THE CALL. As scary as it might sound, you might have a “Pastor Richie” in your class. Text me at (251) 599-8767 or email me at to get in the place of God’s blessing on your life by teaching the little ones.

As Christian adults we can get so busy with life that we lose sight of our motivating factor. God reached toward us, when we were unreachable. And He didn’t relent until we answered. He hasn’t given up on you. Answer Him. As the church in Revelation was reminded, let us too remember our “first love”.


Here God goes again. The ice-machine at the church went on the blink. I thought it was broken based on different factors.

1.) It is really old.
2.) It has broken before and the last time it broke I was told it was on its last leg.
3.) I figured it had given enough, we got our money out of it.

Well, it was fixed for $14.48.

People might think you are on your last leg, you cost too much to invest anymore in, or you are washed up but DON’T LISTEN to their lies. God is not done with you yet. You’ve still got a lot to produce!!!! The relay on the ice-machine was bad. Check your connection with God, fix it and get back to it!!!!!

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