It’s Monday

It’s Monday

I think we can all agree that Mondays are not always our favorite day of the week. The early morning alarm clock jolting us into the reality that the weekend is but a memory and the work week has begun. The frantic search for something to wear, the marathon to get out of the door in time, the frustration in the commute. All things associated with MONDAY! The struggle can be real on Mondays for sure! But on this Monday, I began to think about what Jesus was doing on the Monday after Palm Sunday. The Monday before His crucifixion. Surely this Monday was the Monday-est Monday of them all!

One of the events that happened on the Monday before Jesus’ crucifixion according to my research was the clearing of the temple. In Mark 11 we see Jesus’ rage as He throws over the money changers tables and passionately says, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves.”

I found this quote when reading about Jesus’ final Monday: “The nation of Israel had failed to exercise their faith in Jesus. They were professing to be fruitful/faithful, yet the Jewish People were fruitless in practicing their faith.” I began to think about the possibility that the same people who praised Him with their mouths and waived Palms on Sunday, disrespected and used the temple for their own profit on Monday. They had faith that Jesus was the Christ on Sunday, but on Monday their faith had not changed their practice.

I find it so interesting that it was on a Monday that Jesus cleared the temple. To me it is almost like a metaphor of our souls. Because truly, how often is this us? How often is this me? We worship together on Sundays and our faith is strengthened by the Word and presence of Jesus. But then Monday comes along and we’re so quickly reminded of the unanswered prayers, the unpaid bills, the unsaved loved ones and suddenly our faith from Sunday is fragmented by a down trodden Monday. Just as Jesus cleared the temple on Monday as an act of cleansing the Holy Place before His death. So we must purify ourselves as we begin each week. We are the Church after all and the Lord longs for our temple to be cleansed!  We can take the enhanced faith of Sunday and let it saturate our souls on Monday. Truly, the greatest acknowledgement of faith in Jesus is to live and serve in the ways that He has commanded us!

Today, don’t lay down your palm branches from Sunday! Resist the temptation to give in to the Monday blues, and continue to praise Him throughout the week! Rely on His plans and His ways and your Monday just might not be so bad! Enjoy your week!

-Pastor Jessie and Katie



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