I Love My Church

I Love My Church



The movement of people declaring that they “LOVE” their church is nothing new. I myself “LOVE” my church. I love the people God has sent in our doors. I love watching them grow in the Lord and fulfilling their calling to God. I love the different personalities, the different backgrounds and the different cultures that are displayed each Sunday morning. See, I take ownership of what God is doing here at our church, I do that because, “I LOVE MY CHURCH”. And what’s remarkable… MY CHURCH LOVES ME.

People ask me often, “What’s different about your church?”

1. Some of the things that come to mind are:
a. We are real – I know that sounds simple but it’s so true. Church is not a place where we hid behind fancy clothes and fake smiles. You come as you are, period!
b. We are forgiving – We all make mistakes and are thankful that Jesus forgives!
c. We are loving – We strive to treat each person as important as the other.
d. We are lively – I joke all the time but it’s so true, if you fall asleep in our church you might want someone to check your pulse. LOL. Some people call us crazy, but I love crazy! God’s not dead so church service shouldn’t be either.

So this is your homework. Why do you love our church? I want to know what stands out the most to you about our church, email me at pastor@mycrcog.org. If you want to go above and beyond, make a video clip and send that to me.

Love you all so much and so thankful to be your Pastor,

Pastor Richie & Cindy


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