Emoji Christmas

Emoji Christmas

It is hard to believe that is already the Christmas season and we have just blown past Thanksgiving. have a question for you. Have you ever wanted to share the gospel with your friends in a creative way where they can listen? A few weeks ago we started a series in the youth girls Sunday school called “Emoji Christmas” We challenged them to find a creative way to tell the real true story of Christmas to their friends who may not know Jesus and who need to hear the story. I remember growing up and every year at Christmas my father would read to us the Christmas story and I am so thankful for those memories but now unfortunately we live in a time where some people believe it or not have never heard the story, and its made me think…what can we do about it?
We live in a time where we are more socially connected than ever but we are also disconnected. Most people communicate through text or social media so as christians why not learn to capitalize on that and find creative ways to tell people about the gospel? The gospel will never change but sometimes we have to be creative telling the story. Every Christmas it seems more people are forgetting or drifting away from the Christmas story. This year when you retell the Christmas story I want to challenge you to be strategic and set out with a goal for sharing the story of our God coming down to Earth.
Why Emoji’s you ask? I like to think emojis bring happiness to people and sometimes we can take tools and use it to our advantage in telling people about Jesus. Im curious to know what are some ways you can tell the Christmas story this year? We challenged our students to try and write the Christmas story with emojis…now I issue the same challenge to you? Can you answer the challenge or can you take it a step further? Can you come up with an even better way to tell the best story ever written? 
We used the scriptures Luke 1: 26-38 as well as Luke 2:8-21. I wrote mine….can you?
Send yours to me and I’ll post a few or go ahead and post yours and tag Crossroads Church! My email is youth@mycrcog.org We love you all! Merry Christmas! 
-PC and Tara.


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