Day 38

Day 38

Today’s Prayer Focus:
Pray for more volunteers to help in our ministries.
Ephesians 2:10

Also pray each day for:

  1. The Passion, Power, Presence and Proclamation of Christ among us.
  2. The Leadership—
    1. Pastor and family (Richie, Cindy, Trey, Owen and AJ)
    2. Youth Pastor and family (Corey and Tara)
    3. Music Pastor and family (Jessie, Katie and Logan)
    4. Children Pastor and family (Jennifer, Josh, Brenner and Eva)
    5. Pastor’s Councilmen (Carl, Keith, Jessie and Randy)
    6. And any others that come to your mind…
  3. Worship Ministry—Team Members
  4. Children’s Ministry—Team Members
  5. Youth Ministry—Team Members
  6. College Ministry—Team Members
  7. Small Group Ministry—Team Members
  8. Senior Adult Ministry—Team Members
  9. Marriages, Family and Friendships in the Church
  10. Evangelism and Outreach Ministry—Leaders & Team Members
  11. Missions —Teams heading to Poza Rica and Honduras this summer.
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