A few weeks ago Tara and I were able to travel to Tuscaloosa for a very exciting time as our 1st Nephew, Micah David Ferguson, was born. As we sat and waited, ALL DAY AND NIGHT, I had a lot to think about and a lot to thank God for! See my sister has always been my best friend and even though she was older than me I always tried to protect her and take care of her. We watched out for each other! Once Micah had finally arrived I was able to hold him and stare into his eyes and I began to tear up thanking God for this miracle but also for COMPLETION!

Let me explain…see a few years before I can remember being at work and received a phone call from my dad telling me I needed to rush home to Kayla, there was an emergency. I clocked out and rushed home to find my sister’s world had come crashing down and everything she knew was know now null and void.  Her life had come crashing down around her. She was now at a crossroads in her own life and had no where to turn except to the loving stretched out arms of God for comfort and peace. During this time me the overprotective little big brother, as she calls me, had so many emotions come over me. I was mad at the situation and mad that I wasn’t there to protect her. I began to cry out to God asking the famous question…”WHY?”

Why does she have to go through this? Why wasn’t I there to protect her? WHY? I was mad but during that time I watched my sister as she somehow had the strength to continue to cling to the cross and to God’s unchanging hand, like she had always done, she continued to trust God. During this time her now husband Matt was also watching his world crumble as well. All through the times I asked God, “Why?” I kept hearing God answer me saying “Trust me!”

During those times the only thing I could do was pray and I really felt God reminding me of this scripture every time I cried out on her behalf. Philippians 1:6 Says “For He who began a good work in me will carry it out to COMPLETION!”

She began to pray God send me the right man not just some man but the RIGHT man and finally one day Kayla and Matt met…they dated a little while then felt God had placed them together for a special time such as then…both broken but could mend together. Now married and having this adorable baby boy I see it! Philippians 1:6 fulfilled…at the very beginning of time God put a special call on both of their lives and to give life to this beautiful baby boy! COMPLETION!

I encourage you today friends you may be at a crossroads in your life, lost and confused but remember God will never leave us nor forsake us and HE who began a good work in YOU will carry it out to COMPLETION! Your prayers that you’ve been praying, the questions you’ve been asking, God will bring COMPLETION to each and every situation in your life just give it to Him! Your child may be lost but don’t stop praying, believing, or trusting because COMPLETION is COMING!

We love you all and are praying for you! Have a blessed day!

-PC and Tara.

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