Made clear by the bags under all of our eyes on this windy Monday, we lost an hour of sleep this weekend. The prospect of “spring forward” brings with it great anticipation. Anticipating longer days, the feeling that summer is almost here, and hopefully warmer weather! But Saturday night, the anticipation was different. It was the anticipation of losing an hour of sleep…being extra tired…being late for church…feeling confused as to what time it actually is! I don’t think Pastor Jessie slept Saturday night for fear he would over sleep and miss church himself! I had to text my mom that morning to ask her what time it was!

We know each year, the second week of March, we are going to lose an hour of sleep. We know it’s coming, yet every time it rolls around, we seem surprised, exhausted and rushed at the idea of losing this precious hour! We dread the second week of March! Unfortunately, sometimes I find myself feeling this way about Heaven. I get so caught up in Earthly things, watching our daughter grow up, enjoying success, or achieving dreams and goals, rushing from one thing to the next. When I was a little girl I would pray that Jesus would wait to come back until I could graduate high school, then wait until I got married, then wait until I had a baby. It seems I can so easily find myself asking Jesus to wait for His return. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the things of this Earth, especially when we are living in a way that brings glory to Christ! But the Bible tells us to be eagerly awaiting the return of our Savior- we are instructed to be watching and waiting! Phil 3:20 says, “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” I am secure in my salvation, so I am always ready to go to Heaven, but I am not sure if I am always watching and eagerly waiting!

I pray this week that the Lord helps me to long for Heaven, to anticipate Heaven in the same way that I am already anticipating getting that extra hour of sleep back in the Fall! I want to yearn for the day when I am at the feet of Jesus, face to face with the One I have lived for since I was 7 year old!

This week live with anticipation of the Lord’s coming! Tell someone about Him so that they can anticipate the reward of eternal life through Jesus Christ as well! It is wonderful to enjoy the Lord’s blessings of this Earth, but let us always anticipate the reward of Heaven and the words “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

Have a wonderful week!

Katie Pate

Day 40


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