40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Intro

40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Intro

January 8 – February 16, 2018

The 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer will be a time when we consecrate and dedicate ourselves to the purposes of God. Our church takes seriously the teachings of Christ on prayer and fasting. We believe these spiritual disciplines bring greater effectiveness in ministry. In response to Christ’s exhortation, we are beginning the New Year with a period of fasting and prayer as a church body. In doing this, we are setting the spiritual tone for our church and families for all of 2018.

[ Matthew 17:14-21 ]

We do 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer in obedience to God’s word and in recognition of our deep need of Him. It is a time when we demonstrate our desire to honor Him, to intercede for those in need, and to ask for His continued blessings.

We are inviting everyone who is physically capable to unite and participate as a part of the church. Our goal is to see every family commit to at least one (or more!) days of fasting and prayer.

There are several purposes for participating in the 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer as a church:

  • We unite with one voice as a church over specific areas of need.
  • This is something families can do to foster deeper spirituality.
  • It is a time where we cry out to God for His mercy and direction.
  • It is a time when we emphasize the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting.
  • It is a season of intercession and spiritual fervor.
  • It reveals our desire to see God’s will in our church.

When you fast let it be either a complete fast with only water, a juice only fast or only fruits and vegetables. The purpose of a fast is to feed on the Spirit of God and the Word of God allowing the desire for those to outweigh the desires of physical food.

Fasting is not complete if there isn’t prayer time. A good rule of thumb is to spend the time you would eat in prayer and reading the Bible. Each day has a scripture verse to help you in this great endeavor.

When you pray…
Pray specifically for the prayer focuses of that day along with the following requests:

  1. The Passion, Power, Presence and Proclamation of Christ among us.
  2. The Leadership—
    1. Pastor and family (Richie, Cindy, Trey, Owen and AJ)
    2. Youth Pastor and family (Corey and Tara)
    3. Music Pastor and family (Jessie, Katie and Logan)
    4. Children Pastor and family (Jennifer, Josh, Brenner and Eva)
    5. Pastor’s Councilmen (Carl, Keith, Jessie and Randy)
    6. And any others that come to your mind…
  3. Worship Ministry—Team Members
  4. Children’s Ministry—Team Members
  5. Youth Ministry—Team Members
  6. College Ministry—Team Members
  7. Small Group Ministry—Team Members
  8. Senior Adult Ministry—Team Members
  9. Marriages, Family and Friendships in the Church
  10. Evangelism and Outreach Ministry—Leaders & Team Members
  11. Missions —Teams heading to Poza Rica and Honduras this summer.

Individuals are asked to fast for a 24-hour period and to pray for the assigned needs for that day. Families may choose to break up the fasting by doing it at different meals.

Special Notes
We will send out the daily prayer focus and related scripture via our mass text distribution list. Please contact the office at (251) 937-1227 if you are not on the list and would like to be. It will be cross posted on all of our media platforms as well. You can also access this prayer guide from the homepage on our website, www.mycrcog.org or on the church app. And you will have access to a hard copy placed on the foyer table.

We will have an all ages combined worship service on Feb 16th at 7:00pm to celebrate the great things God has and will accomplish through us in 2018.

Prayer Guide
The goal of the Forty Days of Fasting and Prayer is to enhance our relationship with God and deepen our effectiveness in His work and ministry. At the beginning of this New Year we ask you to focus together as a family on the daily scripture passage and prayer emphasis topic. May the Lord richly bless your faithfulness in this endeavor.

Prayer Focus:
Jan. 8 – That we will clearly see God’s vision for our church. Isaiah 48:17-18
Jan. 9 – That we will pursue expanding the Kingdom of God. Matthew 28:18-20
Jan. 10 – For the pastors and leadership along with their families. 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
Jan. 11 – That we will bring glory to God in all areas of our church. 2 Chronicles 7:1-3
Jan. 12 – That our motives will be pure and our attitudes will be right. Philippians 4:8-9
Jan. 13 – For the growth and stability of new converts. 2 Peter 3:17-18
Jan. 14 – For marriages, families and children in our church. Acts 16:29-34
Jan. 15 – For the finances of the church. Luke 6:38
Jan. 16 – For the power of the Holy Spirit active in our meetings. Acts 2:1-4
Jan. 17 – That all ministry teams will fulfill their purpose. 1 Thessalonians 1:3
Jan. 18 – For our community-based outreach ministries. Colossians 4:2-3, 5-6
Jan. 19 – For the benevolence outreach of our church. Galatians 2:8-10
Jan. 20 – That God will empower us to do the work of the ministry. Acts 14:1-3
Jan. 21 – That we will continue being a church that equips the saints. Hebrews 13:20-21
Jan. 22 – For the Children’s Ministry leaders and teachers Matthew 19:13-15
Jan. 23 – For the Women’s Ministry expansion and development. Titus 2:4-5
Jan. 24 – For greater effectiveness with our prayer ministry teams. 1 Thessalonians 1:2-5
Jan. 25 – That we will become more evangelistic as a church. Philippians 1:3-7
Jan. 26 – That our people will become personally involved in ministry. Romans 12:4-8
Jan. 27 – That God will raise up more leaders among us to do His work. Ephesians 4:11-13
Jan. 28 – That we will fulfill our calling as a church of love, forgiveness and power. 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13
Jan. 29 – That the true manifestations of God will be among us. Acts 1:8
Jan. 30 – That we will reach the unbelieving world around us. Luke 19:9-10
Jan. 31 – For Youth Ministry of our church and community. Ecclesiastes 12:1
Feb. 1 – For our Small Group Ministry to expand. Hebrews 3:13
Feb. 2 – For His mission and our missionaries. John 4:21-24
Feb. 3 – That our Men’s Ministry will grow and develop. Proverbs 27:17
Feb. 4 – That God will raise up more people to disciple new converts. John 8:31-32
Feb. 5 – That God will enable us to do His work more effectively. 1 Corinthians 2:1-5
Feb. 6 – That in everything we will experience success. Psalms 1:1-3
Feb. 7 – That we experience the presence of God in all of our services. Psalms 16:7-11
Feb. 8 – That we will be more aware of God’s heart toward the lost. John 3:16-18
Feb. 9 – For Baldwin County residents. Luke 4:18-19
Feb. 10 – For the leaders of our country, state, county & city. 1 Timothy 2:1-2
Feb. 11 – For world peace and against world hunger. Isaiah 11:4-6
Feb. 12 – For our Missionaries, Manning and Jane Thorton. 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5
Feb. 13 – For the Church of God international leadership. Colossians 4:2-3
Feb. 14 – For more volunteers to help in our ministries. Ephesians 2:10
Feb. 15 – For the movement of God’s power in every family of our church. Acts 2:42-43
Feb. 16 – That we will be found faithful in being led by the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:14-17

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