Posts from August 2017

Posts from August 2017


I have a question for you, if Jesus is the leader of your life, where is He leading you? Or better yet, WHO is He leading you to today? How did you first hear about Jesus? Maybe you can’t even remember the first time you heard Jesus’ name. How wonderful is that! Or maybe you just recently became a Christian and heard Jesus’ name. That’s equally…

This is My Song

One of my favorite songs is Blessed Assurance. Particularly the lyrics, “This is my story, this is my song.” Another one of my favorite songs is Place of Freedom with the lyrics “I’m gonna sing my song, like I am unashamed.” This week I have been thinking on the power of these lyrics, of the importance of singing “my song.” Psalm…

Rush Hour

It seems to be the culture of Americans to constantly be in a rush. The drive thru line is more than 2 cars long…no way, & if we have to pull forward and wait for our food, that is just unacceptable! This Frozen Dinner has to be microwaved for 5 min then stirred and microwaved again…who has time for that?! That light has been red for 1 min…it must be…
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